GV Kumar
CEO & Managing Director

With over two decades of IT and telecommunications experience, Mr. Kumar is the CEO & Managing Director of Megasoft. He successfully established Megasoft as a cutting-edge telecom technology company and guided the company in developing unique products to solve the business problems of telecom operators unattended by incumbent telecom solution providers.

Mr. Kumar is credited with the ideation and commercial development of a number of patent pending wireless technologies and services.

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy focuses the company in the significant emerging field of Intelligent Networks, Convergent Solutions, Mass Subscriber Customization, Wireless Roaming and Wireless OSS.

Prior to his work at Megasoft, Mr. Kumar began his career with the Godrej Group of India, and last served as CEO of Godrej Telecom Ltd. – the telecom arm of the Godrej Group.

A long term tenured member of EO, (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) (www.eonetwork.org), a global network of over 18000+ entrepreneurs from 60+ countries, Mr. Kumar is currently the President of EO’s Hyderabad Chapter.

Mr. Kumar graduated from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal with a specialization in electrical engineering and received an MBA from XIMB.

Shridhar Thathachary
Chief Financial Officer

Shridhar, a post graduate in Business Management, brings in over 25 years of multi dimensional experience to the Megasoft Management team. In his current assignment he heads the Finance, Corporate, Legal and HR functions for Megasoft.

Prior to Megasoft, Shridhar has worked in some of the reputed global groups such as British Gas, Godrej and United Spirits. In these organizations, in addition to the HR function he held the responsibility for the admin / facilities and the IT organization. He has in the past successfully led a team towards the implementation of BaaN ERP. In his previous assignments he has been associated with the companies from the start up stage and has been part of the executive management teams that built and grew the organizations.

Shridhar has a cross functional and a multi industry experience (S/w, Financial Services & Telecom Manufacturing and Services). While he is enthusiastic and passionate about all that he is associated with, his corporate and personal successes are a result of his USPs - communication, people management, organizing & planning and adaptability to changes around.

In his spare time, Shridhar catches up on reading and also prefers to trek and listen to Indian music.

Jon Slates
Vice President - Global Operations & Managed Services

Jon Slates heads Operations and Managed Services, overseeing account management and production support of Megasoft technology platforms internationally. Additionally, he is responsible for Datacenter and Facilities management in the US and Latin American markets.

Jon has been with Megasoft for over 15 years holding key positions in Network Operations, Monitoring, Client Relations and Operations. He plays a key support role geared towards customer satisfaction and is responsible for maintaining uptime of large mobile carriers such as Telefonica, Verizon and Sprint besides many regional carriers in the US.

Jon has had versatile experience in manufacturing and R&D before joining Megasoft. He spent 13 years owning and managing a transportation business that supported multiple customers, vendors and employees.

Dasaradhi Agnihotram
Director - Engineering

Dasaradhi Agnihotram, shortly called Das, possess over two decades of software development experience most of which got acquired while working with product building companies assessed at CMM Level5 quality certification.

He is keen in designing and applying tailor made processes and ensure no process adopted is a name sake.

His love towards learning & teaching of technology, nurturing PRODCUTIZATION skills across the board helps him building & managing a highly proficient product engineering team.

His passion for building new products as well as augmenting the legacies keeps him busy in architecting and designing re-usable frame works, enriching the feature set of the product line thus keep them competent to serve ever evolving market needs.