The advent of new technologies and globalization has led the economy to incline towards digitalization. In such a scenario, every interaction between customers and service organizations is an opportunity to offer exemplary and improved services. Hoards of data are generated daily by organizations – be it a digital enterprise, a government agency or even SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses).

What was less realized earlier is that data can be utilized for generating enhanced customer experience thereby improving business and revenue. In recent times, many organizations are beginning to embrace analytics to formulate new hypotheses, explore & discover new data realms, find appropriate solutions to unanswered questions and finally make data-driven and well-informed decisions.

Megasoft analytics services leverage big data technology and expertise to unlock hidden and untapped opportunities. Our analytics solutions & services help clients to harness the power of big data without exhausting human and infrastructure resources. We strive to gear up organizations in adopting future trends while also enabling them to achieve a distinct competitive advantage.

Core Focus
  • Machine Data Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Analytics
  • Telecom Analytics
  • Public Service Analytics
  • Predictive Policing

Machine Data Analytics

Actionable Insights, Unearth new business models

  • Data extraction, transformation, reporting and deep dive analytics
  • Leverage cross functional insights based on data from different sensor devices available in different data formats
  • One stop solution to analyze geo-spatial data, time-series data, telematics data and large machine generated log files
  • Distributed analytical models that leverage machine learning algorithms

Enterprise Data Analytics

Personalized Customer Offerings

  • Cross functional data extraction, correlation and central data sets
  • Create well rounded customer profile with demographics, usage & social information
  • Have N = 1 personalization to each customer
  • Promote cross-sell / upsell offers

Telecom Analytics

Consumer Delight, New Revenue Avenues

  • Segment / micro-segment telecom customers basis defined objective
  • Promote cross-sell / upsell offers
  • Seamless customer experience across all channel of access
  • Define and execute contact strategy for every customer at different phases of lifecycle that allows them to move up the segments
  • Identify customers with high risk of churn
  • Predict and reduce call drops and network congestion
  • Effective distribution line up with predictive analytics

Public Service Analytics

Enhanced Service Delivery – Compliant & Economical

  • Analyze and share insights on various welfare programs initiated by public service organizations
  • Risk prediction and weigh load of the state exchequer on the implemented programs
  • Preventive fraud detection and adherence to implement taxation policies
  • Future disaster prediction and advocate action plan to reduce life risk

Predictive Policing

Improved Law & Order Enforcement

  • Understand current data sets and formulate content digitization plan
  • Present inferences through intuitive dashboards by drilling data into granular cubes
  • Propose insights that help informed and judicious decision making
  • Better control over predicting crime, locations, perpetrator and victim identities

Our Analytics Services include:

  • Consulting to identify business challenges and offer recommendations
  • Analytics as a service coupled with cloud capabilities
  • Competent big data analytics solutions that keep our clients ahead of competition
  • Pool of experts that work closely with clients to offer appropriate solutions